Finding Shots

After dropping far more money than I really should have on photographic equipment like a Canon 40D and two “L” lenses; I have nothing to take photos of.  When I have my camera out on a photo walk, nothing seems interesting or worthwhile to actually shoot.  Just today I went out walking looking for a magic hour shot of some New Hampshire foliage.  After some extensive bushwacking and a lot of ticks, I came back with three shots.  I blame this on my location mostly.  Photographers like Thomas Hawk seem to have an endless amount of ideas and subjects.  I’m just curious how a persons creativity can be so endless.  Maybe it’s just my location…afterall I live in southern NH.




~ by adverseyaw on October 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Finding Shots”

  1. Just shoot anything! You never know what will come out.

  2. Reply: I was going through a tough breakup, There were no problems, but he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and things just got bad. I’m fine now. I got your Flickr invite. Thanks for the add!

  3. Just always keep your eyes open. Beauty pops up in the most unexpected places and try to see things as a photograph, rather than things to be photographed. Things start to frame themselves and you’ll wish you had your camera with you.

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