Unpleasant Franklin Experience

Living in a college dormitory in which you share a bathroom with 15 other people has its oddities.  This mornings oddity took the cake…As I step out of my room, I hear a moan as if someone was in pain.  Upon inspection, I find it to be coming from the shower room.  As I’m taking a shower myself I hear this loud groan two more times.  I had drawn some conclusions about the sound but hearing it multiple times made me even more uncomfortable.

I decided to investigate further and stake out the scene.  My allaby was a combination of shaving, brushing my teeth, and combing my hair.  It seemed like an eternity until the culprit emerged.  I wasn’t sure how to react other than putting whoever it was on my mental blacklist.  The curtain opened and I was surprised to see the creepy religious kid from down the hall step out.  So I asked if he heard the creepy sounds too…to which he replied “what sounds” of course.


A: spanking it

B: creepy religious stuff

C: cut his dick

D: general creepiness


~ by adverseyaw on October 18, 2008.

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