Zakim Bridge

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Zakim Bridge, originally uploaded by Synchronizer.

After seeing all the great photos of the Zakim Bridge on Flickr, I decided to have a go.  I did feel  like a creeper walking around the park at night but the end result was worth it.


Blood Red Shoes

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I discovered this duo on and got hooked by the cathcy and simple guitar licks.  I really hope they make it stateside sometime because i’m sure it would be an interesting show to catch.  Not to mention that I’m in love with Laura-Mary Carters voice.


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Snowman, originally uploaded by Synchronizer.

I decided dust off my Lensbaby today and try to be creative. I’ve suffered from such a lack of ideas lately and have seen little inspiring things. With the Lensbaby photography is simplified to its most basic and the unique focus makes anything look good that you manage to focus correctly.

Paramore Video

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I hate to admit it but I love Paramore(well mostly Haley WIlliams) and thanks to the new movie “Twilight,” they’ve released two new singles “Decode” and “I Caught Myself.”  Their is something about Haley’s voice I can’t seem to get enough of…

Above is a clip.  The full version can be found on MTVmusic.

New Mexico Bound

•October 21, 2008 • 1 Comment

So this Friday I’ll be flying out of BOS to ABQ with a stop in Salt Lake City, Utah.  While there I’ll be visiting traditional Pueblo villages like Acoma, Zuni, and Laguna.  I think I’m most excited about visiting Acoma Pueblo since it’s located high atop a mesa.  Pueblo Bonito is definitely another top destination but I honestly can’t picture any of these destinations in my mind.

Getting my camera gear out there may be a bit tricky since my camera bag is ginormous and I’m definitely not checking any of it.  I hope I come away with a few good shots anyway.  The desert will give me a good chance to play around with my B+W Kaesmann CPL.

I’ll hopefully have something interesting to write about when I get back.

Christian Culture in America

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Before I start I should mention that I have not yet seen Religulous.  I’ve watched a number of interviews with Bill Maher discussing the premise for his new movie and how he takes a neutral stance while prodding for answers.  In asking devout religous folks for answers he finds their lack of knowledge about their own beliefs vast.  One of Maher’s questions that comes to mind is what’s the difference between the “anti-christ” and the “the devil”?  Are they the same?  A question that nobody could answer.

So here’s where I start…How can you believe in something you know so little about.  I have a few friends who consider themselves highly religious and attend church, organize events, and have a set of values derived from the bible.  I acknowledge the fact that the bible portrays positive values that are useful tools to live by, but is it really the only means of gaining positive values and finding meaning in life?  The idea that you live in the shadow of a greater being and are always being watched and heard when you speak to “him.”  Could be a woman…

A Bible story that comes to mind in which I’m amazed people actually believe it because it’s logistically impossible is “Noah’s Ark.”  How could one man build an Ark to carry two of every animal on earth, except the Unicorn(lol)?  There are so many species man hasn’t even discovered yet and where would the water come from to turn earth into one big water world.  It would have to reach the peak of Everest, more than 30K feet above sea level today.  We just don’t have that volume of water.  But we’re talking about god, so anything is possible I suppose.

How about those Dinosaurs?  If the world really began only 6K years ago why does science show dinosaur bones that date back millions of years?  To be religious do you have to discount scientific findings and remain close minded your whole life because of what a book says?

There is no doubt that some of the nicest people I’ve met in my life are religious.  That being said I also have good friends who retain good values who are not religious at all.  I guess I just don’t understand why people bother living a devout life.  Do they think they’re better than the rest of us or is it just because that’s the way they were brought up and are afraid of quitting because it is so deeply embedded in their psyche?

It seems to me that the reason every culture on earth has developed some form of religion is in the search for meaning in life.  Now that man has engaged in space travel and we’re exploring the outer limits of the universe, Religion is becoming obsolete.

Religion is adapting to the changing culture and becoming more hip and even found ways of capitalizing on the faith of others.  Look at Joel O’Steen and the millions of dollars he’s made through the sale of his self help books.  People like him are commercializing religion and making it into a product.  Look at the elaborate television Church’s constructed with millions of donated dollars.  Who are you really helping when you donate money to a church?  Does god give a shit whether he has fancy stained glass windows or oak floors inside his church?  Does having a more elaborate and expensive religious facility make you closer to god?

I just thought I’d post a few of my thoughts from today about Christianity in general.  Please do not be too critical of my comments as I made no attempt to do any research.

Finding Shots

•October 18, 2008 • 3 Comments

After dropping far more money than I really should have on photographic equipment like a Canon 40D and two “L” lenses; I have nothing to take photos of.  When I have my camera out on a photo walk, nothing seems interesting or worthwhile to actually shoot.  Just today I went out walking looking for a magic hour shot of some New Hampshire foliage.  After some extensive bushwacking and a lot of ticks, I came back with three shots.  I blame this on my location mostly.  Photographers like Thomas Hawk seem to have an endless amount of ideas and subjects.  I’m just curious how a persons creativity can be so endless.  Maybe it’s just my location…afterall I live in southern NH.